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Free Game @ Reeta Studios, 090228

New downloads!!!

Blues shoot blues - version update:


New improvisation on different fuzzy noise guitar tracks:


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Dogtown and Z-boys tribute part. 2

Dogtown and Z-boys tribute part. 1

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Read - EN

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Studio_0004 with guitar solo recording @ Reeta’s Studios December 2008

EN Funky

Download original mp3 track, samples and sheets music.


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prova_0002_EN_funky 081214

Merry Xmas* * * * * ** * * * * *

Download the Christmas’s Gift Pack with the following songs:
CAN_ZONE, STUDIO_04, FUNKY CHICKEN (all in mp3 format)

follow the link:


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Funky_chiken \ work copy N° 1 @ Reeta’s Studios - 081206

Funky chiken sheets music

Download the complete sheets music (in PDF format), except the drum’s part.

We will published the mp3’ promo, file and sample very soon. Keep in touch.