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We’re ready to mixing all new music within November 2010. Mateo Vich is finishing the pre-production @ Reeta Studios. We see in the next weeks for the new updates.

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Skarlo Marx and the Skapitalist

Will EN funky becoming Super Funky?

Listen this and let us know:


Vote the title of our new album

1 - All is red

2 - Distruggo tutto (I destroy all)

3 - Skapitalism

4 - Send us your suggestions




Track on we are working for the next album:
Skarlo Marx
The speed of Vich (ex Studio_0004)
EN funky
BLues shoot blues
Funky chiken
Instrumental 2
Instrumental 3
Interlude 1.0
Free game
Distruggo tutto

extra song

Note for collaborators

We are in late with the pubblishing of the recording material, we are very sorry. The reason is that we have changed all the guitar’s gear, and we have encountered a lot of problems with strange noises.
We have almost done with this problems, for the next weeks we start to pubblish the recording material. Keep in Touch.


Where We Are?

"Distruggo tutto" recording is almost done, expect last keybords solo
"Free Game" we have remade the entire song, recording is almost done, except the guitar parts
"EN Funky" arrangement is ready, next week we start with the recording session
"DogTown" ready for recording
"Speed of Vich" ready for recording

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the last version of studio_0004. Almost finished. Probably it will be named The Speed of Vich, the third part of Vich’s trilogy (mateo Vich, Kolima de-Gulag and Speed of Vich)

Dogtown and Z-boys tribute part. 3

off the wall
no apsettative no future
two hundred years of American technology
has unwrittengly created a massive cement
playgroung of potential unlimited
in vacanza per 20 anni
part of something incredible
aspects of the downhill slide
Craig Stecyk
the revolution has to be televised

hey tony, who’s the best now
no straight line, on curved surface

new figures
different and own style
style is everything
del mar CA 1975
crazy and out of mind
you know what i mean?

hey tony, who’s the best now
no straight line, on curved surface

born arise with surf and skate
a lot of tension
money take responsability
my life depend on it
i want the prize, yes i win
autumn 77 frontside air

team zephyr
shogo kubo
bob biniak
nathan pratt
stacy peralta
jim muir
allen sarlo
chris cahill
tony alva —-
paul costintineau
jay adams ——
peggy oki
wentzle ruml
tony friedkin

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Inter-Lude 1.0